Instrument/Calibration Papers

Refereed Publications

  1. In-orbit Performance of UVIT and First Results
    Tandon , S N. et al.
    Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, vol. 38, p. 14, June 2017
    ADS bibliographic code: 2017JApA...38...28T
  2. Mapping distortion of detectors in UVIT onboard AstroSat observatory
    Girish, V. et al.
    Experimental Astronomy, vol. 43, p. 59, February 2017
    ADS bibliographic code: 2017ExA....43...59G
  3. The UVIT telescopes on the Astrosat observatory
    Hutchings, J. B.
    Astrophysics and Space Science, vol. 354, p. 143, November 2014
    ADS bibliographic code: 2014Ap&SS.354..143H
  4. Calibration and Performance of the Photon-counting Detectors for the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (UVIT) of the Astrosat Observatory
    Postma, J. et al.
    Publications of the Astronomical Society of Pacific, vol. 123, p. 833, July 2011
    ADS bibliographic code: 2011PASP..123..833P
  5. The Ultra Violet Imaging Telescope: Mechanical Design
    Pati, A.K., et al.
    Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, vol. 31, p. 479, March 2003
    ADS bibliographic code: 2003BASI...31..479P


  1. In-orbit performance of UVIT on ASTROSAT
    Subramaniam, A. et. al.
    Proceedings of the SPIE, vol 9905, p 10, July 2016
    ADS bibliographic code: 2016SPIE.9905E..1FS
  2. Tests and calibration on ultra violet imaging telescope (UVIT)
    Kumar, A. et. al
    Proceedings of the SPIE, vol 8443, p 9, September 2012
    ADS bibliographic code: 2012SPIE.8443E..4RK
  3. UVIT on ASTROSAT: Performance
    Tandon, S N. et. al
    39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Abstract E1.1-18-12, p 1939, July 2012
    ADS bibliographic code: 2012cosp...39.1939T
  4. In orbit calibration plan for the UVIT on ASTROSAT
    Subramaniam, A. et. al
    39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Abstract E1.3-4-12, p 1902
    ADS bibliographic code: 2012cosp...39.1902S
  5. Characterization of the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope (UVIT) Detector Performance at the University of Calgary
    Leahy, D A. et. al
    American Astronomical Society, AAS Meeting #220, id.135.07, May 2012< br />ADS bibliographic code: 2012AAS...22013507L