Observing with UVIT

From October 2016 onwards, observatory access is open to Guest Observers from the Indian science community. Observing time will be awarded on the basis of peer-reviewed proposals. An AstroSat Support Cell has been set up for the purpose of providing assistance to Guest Observers in making observing proposals and in analyzing science data of the AstroSat mission, including UVIT.

Proposal Submission

Before submitting observing proposals for UVIT, every PI is requested to go through the document on Guidelines for proposal submission, mandatory checks.

Planning Tools

A set of observation planning tools are available in our software page.

Observing Schedule and Data

UVIT observing schedule is available on the Astrosat Website at ISSDC. A quick summary of the schedule, Level 1 data availability at the UVIT POC, status of Level 2 processing and transfer of Level 2 data products (science images) to ISSDC (for archival and dissemination) is available in our Data Status page.