Science with UVIT


The UVIT telescopes offer unique capabilities, and are expected to be the most capable UV telescopes during their time in orbit. The primary strengths are:

  • Arc-second resolution over a wide (30') field of view
  • Time resolution as short as 600 Hz
  • A wide range of filters, along with gratings in FUV and NUV
  • Simultaneous observations in 3 bands - FUV, NUV and Visible
  • Simultaneous observations alongside X-ray timing and imaging telescopes onboard Astrosat

Science Highlights and Objectives

The science objectives of UVIT are broad based extending from solar system objects to galaxy clusters. Some of the major scientific topics that are important to UVIT mission are outlined below.

  • Multi-wavelength study of X-ray sources
  • Hot Stars and White Dwarfs
  • Cataclysmic Variables and X-ray binaries
  • High mass stars and Luminous blue variables
  • Dust Extinction Studies
  • Quasars and Active GaIactic Nuclei
  • UV morphology of Galaxies
  • Deep Surveys