Publications related to Software/Simulations

Refereed Publications

  1. CCDLAB: A Graphical User Interface FITS Image Data Reducer, Viewer, and Canadian UVIT Data Pipeline
    Postma, Joseph E. and Leahy, Denis
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    ADS bibliographic code: 2017PASP..129k5002P
  2. JUDE: An Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope pipeline
    Murthy, J. et al.
    Astronomy and Computing, vol. 20, 120, July 2017
    ADS bibliographic code: 2017A&C....20..120M
  3. Simulation of old open clusters for UVIT on ASTROSAT
    Sindhu, N. et al.
    Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics, vol. 15, p. 1647, October 2015
    ADS bibliographic code: 2015RAA....15.1647S
  4. Predicting UV sky for future UV missions
    Safonova, M. et al.
    Astronomy and Computing, vol. 1, p. 46, February 2013
    ADS bibliographic code: 2013A&C.....1...46S
  5. Studying the Imaging Characteristics of Ultra Violet Imaging Telescope (UVIT) through Numerical Simulations
    Srivastava, Mudit K. et al.
    Publications of the Astronomical Society of Pacific, vol. 121, p. 621, June 2009
    ADS bibliographic code: 2009PASP..121..621S


  1. The ASTROSAT/UVIT Exposure Time Calculator
    Leahy, D A
    Proceedings of the Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIII, ASP conference series, v 485, p.69, May 2014
    ADS bibliographic code: 2014ASPC..485...69L
  2. The UVIT Count Rate Calculator and its Applications for Observation Planning with ASTROSAT/UVIT
    Leahy, Denis
    39th COSPAR Scientific Assembly, Abstract E1.2-39-12, p 1050
    ADS bibliographic code: 2012cosp...39.1050L